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Soak in the Fall Sights & Peep The Best Autumn Views in Virginia with This Top List!

Soak in the Fall Sights & Peep The Best Autumn Views in Virginia with This Top List!
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Virginia Beach is one of the prettiest spots in the nation–lined with coastal town charm and the unbeatable community of friendly neighborhood residents. The only thing to make this spot even cozier is the addition of fall, and all of the beautiful foliage that comes with it!

The state’s about to put on its brightest and most beautiful colors–and we’re going to be digging into all of the best spots to see and “leaf-peep” in the state of Virginia.

Grab the car & go on a road trip. We promise that the sights you’ll see around Virginia will be well worth the drive!

1. Mount Rodgers National Recreation Area

This beautiful gem is buried in the mountainous terrain of Southwestern Virginia. It spans nearly 200,000 acres of rolling hills and gorgeous golden trees, studded with the crimson, yellow, and gilded leaves of fall. Pull off, park, and explore any of the miles of trails the area has to offer. Looking for a less work-intensive trip? Consider exploring on horseback or packing up the tent and finding the perfect rural spot to pitch. The views are absolutely unmatched, pulling in tourists from around the nation each year.

2. Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park is one of the most breathtaking stops on this list. So much so that we recommend booking in for a rural camping trip for the low fee of just $30 per night. The spaces are spacious and are perfect for any RVs or toy trailers you might be hauling with you. If you’re looking for Pinterest-worthy autumnal views, there’s no better place to stop than Shenandoah National Park.

Be warned, though! If you stop by this spot, be prepared to go without cell phones and the internet. The tall trees and majestic rolling hillsides block the reception very well, limiting your communication with the outside world. There are dump stations available and staff on-site to assist you with any needs you may have. Other than that though, be prepared to rough it and pack accordingly!

3. The Priest Wilderness

Looking for an even more rugged adventure? Trek on over to Amherst County and explore the Priest Wilderness! This expanse of land extends over 5,000 acres, featuring steep climbs, rough turns, and a variety of local rivers and “spots.” It’s extremely rugged and stands as one of the highest peaks to conquer in the Pedlar District of George Washington National Forest.

We recommend this trail for experienced hikers only. While the views are absolutely jaw-dropping, there is only a single identified trail that runs through the Priest – and that’s the Appalachian Trail. Known for its difficult moments and rough hiking, this trail can be exhausting and altogether overwhelming for new hikers. If you choose to take this on to get that social-worthy shot, be sure to stay safe and pack strategically!

But hang on, I have a question: What’s leaf peeping?

We’re so glad you asked! Leaf peeping is a common to-do when the beautiful fall foliage rolls around. It’s exactly as it sounds like–spying on leaves as they make their seasonal change, and soaking in the brilliance before the bitter cold winter weather hits the coast. It’s exceptionally cozy. and it’s one of the best ways to spend a crisp fall day. Don’t forget to bring your favorite drink along, of course!

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