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Cozy Fall Home Updates For Your Virginia Beach Rental Property

Cozy Fall Home Updates For Your Virginia Beach Rental Property
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Fall is here–which means that the cool weather, crisp breezes, and autumn storms are here to stay. Few things are more beautiful than the cozy fall weather in this coastal town, encouraging the growth of the rental market significantly as more people look for a place to put down roots.

You can help your rental home make a splash on the market by investing in the small, intimate details that can make your house a home. We know that your renter will come prepared with their own sense of style and flair–but you can instantly elevate your experience with a few simple swaps and upgrades.

Read on for our complete list of must-do fall home updates for your Virginia Beach rental property!

1. Don’t Forget the Details

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again! The details make the space. Investing in a few neutral details can instantly set a tone of relaxation for your space and can help your renter to feel immediately at home. Our list of recommendations include:

  • Cozy blankets and extra linen sets
  • Neutral, space-friendly shelving options
  • Baskets, totes, and other space-saving favorites
  • Comforting candles or a nice diffuser

If you’re looking to update your space while giving some items a second chance at use, we recommend Tuesday Morning. This recycle-friendly outlet option is the perfect tool to help you save as you upgrade your home.

2. Evaluate Your Lighting Options

When you’re making your space more of a home, consider the effect that your lighting has on a room. Harsh overhead lights can lead to feelings of overwhelm or agitation, which can go against the mood you’re trying to set for the transition in season. Consider more gentle, ambient lighting options, such as floor lamps, fairy lights, or bistro lights for your outdoor spaces. Your current lighting options can be complimented with cozy candles or a comforting fireplace if your space includes it, giving your renter the perfect abode for those stormy fall nights.

Greenbrier Lighting @ Hilltop is a great resource if you’re looking to re-do your home’s interior lighting and design at an accessible, affordable cost.

3. Deck Out Your Deck (With Seasonal Decor)

It’s easy to overlook the effect of seasonal decor on your outdoor space. Whether or not your resident decides to keep what you’ve arranged, you can move forward in confidence knowing that you’ve given your property an instant boost in curb appeal. You can enjoy a more personalized exterior of the home with simple swaps and additions, such as seasonal wreaths, elemental decor (such as faux pumpkins for fall), and timeless additions such as decorative flags or signage.

There’s no wrong way to outfit your outdoor space. If you’re looking to get your start in your outdoor decor plans, we recommend stopping by Sunshine & Sweet Pea’s Coastal Decor for some beach-inspired home decor options you’ll love.

4. Outfit Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is going to be a place where your renter will spend a majority of his or her time. While it’s best to let your renter bring their favorite kitchen essentials with them, you can warm the space by outfitting it with a personalized charcuterie board or utensils, which can double as a housewarming gift. West Elm is the perfect place to pick something like this up and is known for their quality and minimalistic beauty.

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