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Best trees for summer planting in Virginia Beach

Best trees for summer planting in Virginia Beach
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If you’re looking for a way to make your space more sophisticated, you should consider planting a small orchard along the perimeter of your property. Trees are excellent for the environment and give your tenant a more pleasant overall experience renting your space. You can also provide the added gift of future blooms or fruit for your renter to enjoy. Trees also provide cooling shade for the summer months, making them the perfect practical addition to your backyard landscape!

Below is our list of top trees to plant in Virginia — especially in the warm month of May!

1. Dogwood Trees

These trees offer gorgeous, linen-white blooms and grow to a relatively easy-to-manage size throughout their lifespan. Beyond their aesthetic benefits, their fruits can make a tasty treat for the local wildlife. This can help create a more rustic atmosphere for your tenant to enjoy and support your local flora and fauna. They are also resistant to fluctuating temperatures, making this a strong addition that’s built for the weather shifts along the Eastern Seaboard. If you’re looking for a manageable flowering tree that requires little to no care, any variety of dogwood will suit your needs.

2. Crabapple Trees

Crabapple Trees look like something out of a fairy tale. These trees sport vibrant pink blooms that turn into tart, crisp apples that taste like the best parts of summer. Crabapples can be used in any application that regular apples are used for and are especially tasty in ciders and wines. Crabapple trees make for the perfect practical and valuable addition to your arbor and offer some of the most stunning colors of the season. These trees offer subtle class and an instant boost to any outdoor space and smell fantastic when their blooming season comes. They are also exceptionally hardy, making them another great, low-cost, and low-maintenance option for your backyard space.

3. Elderberry Trees

Consider investing in some elderberry trees if you’re looking for a cottage farmhouse meets chic addition. These blooms smell deliciously sweet and produce fruit that can be made into jams, jellies, and cakes. You can even enjoy them whole! The branches separate elegantly from the tree’s trunk, taking up additional space in your more sparse holes in the landscape. These are an ideal tree to plant if you have the ability for regular water cycles, which is why they’re a popular tree of choice along the East Coast.

4. Persimmon Trees

Investing in persimmon trees now will mean a full bloom in the later months of spring. Persimmons are known for their puckery-sweet tastes, making delicious additions to toast, desserts, and snacks. The actual trees aren’t full of leaves as other fruit trees are. Instead, their branches are bursting with buds, each one leading to a delicious, sugary-sweet persimmon fruit. While these won’t necessarily boost curb appeal, these will allow your tenant to savor their next spring harvest season!

Where to find gardening supplies in Virginia Beach

Are you looking to spruce up your outdoor space? There are plenty of small businesses in the Virginia Beach area that would be able to help you get a strong start on your orchard or garden. If you’re looking for your next home and garden vendor, reference the Virginia Beach Chamber of Commerce. This resource gives you insight into every local vendor in the space that can assist you.

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