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Best Coffee Shops To Savor In Virginia Beach

Best Coffee Shops To Savor In Virginia Beach
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Is there anything more relaxing than watching the fog roll in on a stormy beach morning? We can’t think of much…but we do think you can make it even cozier with a piping-hot cup of joe! From artisan drinks to traditional drips, there’s a little something for everyone along the Virginia Beach coastline. Below, we’re taking a look at some of the top coffee shops to savor your next sip at in Virginia Beach–and we’ll be covering all of the best things to order off of each menu to give you a good place to start!

1. Three Ships Coffee Co.

Three Ships Coffee Co. is what residents and locals first think of when you ask about coffee shops in Virginia Beach. This cafe keeps it simple with a 10-drink menu featuring your favorite espresso-based classics. Our favorites include their cortados, lattes, and cold brew options, sourced with artisan beans from local roasters around the country. It’s also a great spot to visit if you’re looking for a bite to eat with your brew, as they offer a variety of gluten-free and vegan options.

Their extensive brunch menu includes Texan breakfast tacos, the San Clemente breakfast burrito, and the Anti-Hero: a sandwich assembled on ciabatta, featuring roasted cauliflower steaks, red onions, and delicious house-made pesto.

Feel like enjoying your favorite brews at home? You can stop by Three Ships and ask for any of their delicious blends to be bagged–giving you unbeatable taste with even more convenience.

2. Roast Rider Coffee

Roast Rider Coffee & Cafe offers unbeatable ambiance at prices you’ll love. Nestled right alongside the Virginia Beach coastline, this hidden gem features a variety of premium brewed teas, espresso-based drinks, and baked goods to keep your taste buds on their toes.

At Roast Rider, guests can enjoy breakfast all day–savoring delicacies such as their spinach-bacon quiche, assorted scone and muffin options, and delicious vegan oatmeal creme sandwiches. They also have recently partnered with Prosperity Kitchen and Pantry, offering perfect pizza slices and snacks to help get you through that mid-morning snack craving.

Guests are encouraged to leave notes about the service on post-it notes, which are posted around the location to celebrate good times, great brews, and the closeness of the Virginia Beach community.

3. Lucky Cup Coffee Shop

Looking for coffee with a unique twist? Lucky Cup Coffee Shop may be the spot for you! This community favorite offers a variety of premium drinks, such as the chai tea latte, mochas, macchiatos, and their one-of-a-kind High Tide CBD blend. If you’re more in the mood for snacks instead of sips, you’ll love their variety of New York-style bagels–piled high with a thick schmear of cream cheese.

Lucky Cup also supports home brewers and offers a variety of e-commerce store coffee accessories. Retail items are affordably priced and are the perfect way to build out your rental home’s coffee bar. You can purchase Virginia Union University-branded mugs, High Tide CBD blends, and decadently rich Cafe Suenos beans–lightly roasted French-style and sourced from Central America, Mexico, the Honduras, and South America.

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