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For Rent Signs – Should I or Shouldn’t I Use Them?

PMI Virginia - Thursday, May 9, 2019

Like most questions related to real renting real estate – it depends!  There are pros and cons to using signs, and they are location specific. It will be up to you to decide if the rewards out weigh the risks for each of your properties and neighborhoods. Here are some things to consider…

PROS of Placing a For Rent Sign in Front of Your Property

  • Increased number of phone calls. There is no question that the more people who know your property is for rent, the more inquiries you will receive! 
  • Neighborhood referrals.  People generally tell their friends and family when they are getting ready to move, so having a sign that lets the people who live nearby know they can help choose their own neighbor!

CONS of Placing a For Rent Sign in Front of Your Property

  • Increased number of phone calls from unqualified tenants.  Unfortunately, people driving or walking by won’t know your rental criteria, so undoubtably most of the calls will be from unqualified prospects.  
  • Higher chance of vandalism. Having a that advertises your property may be vacant can create an opportunity for vandals, especially in a high crime neighborhood.

Best Sources for Signs

For Rent Sign Nitty Gritty

  • Unless you are renting a high -end property, don’t spend the money for a fancy sign. Corrugated plastic signs are inexpensive, and easy to store and install.
  • If you are going to use stakes, don’t cheap out!  Flimsy stakes aren’t strong enough to hold up the corrugated signs, especially if you are in a windy area.
  • Be sure that if you use a lawn crew, rather than mow the grass yourself, that you tell them specifically that they need to replace your sign if they move it to move.
  • Whenever possible, attach your corrugated sign to a fence or porch, rather than using a stake in the yard.  This will ensure it doesn’t get blown away, thrown aside by the lawn mower, or disappear mysteriously.
  • If you hold open houses for your rentals, consider purchasing some smaller directional signs with arrows.  We like the 6” X 24” options for directional signs.

Sometimes the decision to place a for rent sign in front of your property is a no brainer.  If your rental is located on a busy street, the increased visibility almost always outweighs the risks for having a sign out front.  If, on the other hand, your property is on a dead-end street or cul-d-sac with almost no visibility or very little drive by or foot traffic, the risks almost always outweighs the reward of putting a sign out front. 

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Patti Robertson, PMI Virginia